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Parent Outreach


The CTAG initiative focuses on increasing the involvement of all parents, but especially the involvement of parents of at-risk, underachieving, and chronically non-performing students.  In addition, for students with significant, 24/7 academic or social, emotional, or behavioral/mental health challenges, the CTAG is committed to helping school and community-based professionals work with parents to coordinate and integrate all of the services, supports, and intervention programs being provided.


Among the parent and community activities that the CTAG encourages are:

  • Conducting needs assessments to look at the current and desired status of parent involvement and home-school-community collaboration, and then designing and executing the plans to meet identified needs;
  • Organizing building staff around collaboration and community outreach, and establishing a school-level committee to specifically focus on more formal initiatives;
  • Creating parent drop-in centers to help parents see the school as a community resource for information and life-long learning, increase their positive relationships and comfort levels with school staff, and encourage their participation in school activities;
  • Training parent mentors who then can share information with other parents about the school’s academic and social, emotional, and behavioral programs, and teach them how to support their children and adolescents at home relative to study skills, homework, academic proficiency, and social-behavioral success;
  • Completing community resource surveys resulting in resource directories that identify important organizations, agencies, and professional programs, and important professionals with their specific skills and areas of educational, health and mental health, and related expertise; and
  • Reaching out to these community resources, formally and informally, to establish the communication, collaboration, and coordination that is especially needed relative to integrate services for at-risk, underachieving, and challenging students.


The SPDG has partnered with the state's Parent Training and Information Center (PTI; headquartered in Little Rock), and Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC; headquartered in Springdale) who will train Parent Mentors across Arkansas so that they can train and support parents in their schools and districts on effective home-based reading, mathematics, social skills, and behavior skills and strategies. 


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