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The five strands necessary for mathematical proficiency include: understanding math, computing fluently, applying concepts, reasoning logically, and perceiving math as a sensible activity that is within your capabilities.  These strands must be reflected in all instructional materials, and they must be taught effectively and continuously evaluated through ongoing assessment (e.g., progress monitoring).  Relative to instruction, research clearly indicates that there is no one strategy that will predict every child’s success in math.  There are, instead, numerous research-based instructional strategies that help students to become effective mathematical thinkers and doers (Nelson & Sassi, 2007; NMAP, 2008).  These strategies include: (a) using manipulatives to explore, represent, and communicate mathematical ideas; (b) using class time to have students work on math tasks in small cooperative groups; (c) having students discuss their work in small group and whole class configurations; and (d) having the teacher circulate among groups, listening to student discussions and identifying mathematical issues to discuss with the entire class.

The foundation of the CTAG initiative is a multi-tiered process of effective instruction (Tier 1); more strategic or intensive instruction or intervention (Tiers 2 and 3, respectively) for struggling students from preschool through high school; and the implementation of these processes systemically and in an immediate, scaled-up manner across the state.

Web-based instruction and intervention protocols for mathematics are being developed at the present time, and will be “rolled-out” at the ESC and LEA levels in 2011-2012.  Using state (e.g., university) and national partners (e.g., federal technical assistance centers focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; other state SPDG colleagues), SPDG activities in this area will involve pre-service and staff development training for general and special education teachers, administrators and related service professionals, paraprofessionals, and parents.

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