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Math Tools and Resources

Closing the achievement gap in literacy and mathematics remains at the forefront of the CTAG initiative.  The selection of effective instruction and intervention approaches to address the unique needs of individual students and student groups is critical to this effort.  

In order to help districts and schools select and implement mathematics instruction/intervention strategies that will enable students struggling in area of mathematics to master critical skills and concepts, the following tools and resources are available:  the Math Intervention Matrix. 


The Math Intervention Matrix 

Recognized professionals in the field of mathematics from across the state of Arkansas are serving on a K-12 Blue Ribbon Committee for Math Interventions.  This committee is charged with identifying: (a) the critical math skills and concepts for particular grade bands or math content areas based on the Common Core State Standards; (b) the point at which some students begin to fall behind in those skills and concepts; (c) a series of probes to assist in isolating the root causes of the identified gaps; and (d) the evidence-based interventions needed to address those gaps.  All of this information is being synthesized into an online Math Intervention Matrix that will identify effective mathematics instruction at the kindergarten through high school levels, and research-based mathematics interventions aligned to the Common Core for students at different levels of need. 

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