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The ADDRESS: An Office Discipline Referral Software System


The ADDRESS:  Automated Discipline Data, Review, and Evaluation Software System


A Software to Track and Analyze Classroom and School Discipline Incidents and Office Discipline Referrals (ODRs)

In order to help schools track their progress relative to positive school and classroom climate, students’ academic engagement and self-management, and school safety, it is necessary to evaluate students' appropriate and inappropriate behavior.  Relative to the latter area, when students demonstrate high levels of inappropriate behavior, they often receive an Office Discipline Referral (ODR).  Critically, the ultimate goal of the ODR is to decrease or eliminate future inappropriate behavior, while increasing and reinforcing future appropriate student behavior.  In order to accomplish this, it is important to understand the "what, when, where, with whom, and why" underlying students' inappropriate, ODR behavior.

In order to help analyze school-level ODRs, we have designed a down-loadable software program, the ADDRESS--the Automated Discipline Data, Review, and Evaluation Software System.  When ODR data is inputted into the ADDRESS, it is capable of managing, tracking, and analyzing individual, classroom, grade-level, and school-wide student discipline and behavioral outcomes.  In fact, the ADDRESS allows school personnel to efficiently enter important ODR data, and it tracks and analyzes these data with a simple "mouse-drag" and the touch of a button.  When ODR data and reports are analyzed over time, a school can identify student, staff, situation, and school location "hot-spots" that can be further analyzed and solved with targeted, strategic interventions.

The ADDRESS is free, and can be downloaded to your computer below.  To facilitate its use, we have created a series of webinars (also below) that will help you with different aspects of its use.


ADDRESS Software Download

Starting on this webpage, you can download and begin using the ADDRESS.  To do this, please follow the links below.





Download Links

  • ADDRESS Office Referral Form
  • ADDRESS Updates:  If you are a current user of the ADDRESS, use this link to update your application. Last Update Posting Date: 04/09/2008
  • Initial ADDRESS Setup:  If you are not currently using the ADDRESS, use this link to download the complete ADDRESS application. Last Update Posting Date: 04/09/2008

The ADDRESS has been extensively field-tested in schools across Arkansas over a number of years.  At the same time, as with any software program, its interface with your computer and operating system may vary from time to time.  If you have any questions regarding the use and operation of the ADDRESS, please contact:    Jennifer Gonzales, SPDG PBSS Coordinator at:

We would appreciate all correspondences to be via e-mail.


ADDRESS Tutorials

The video tutorials provide step-by-step guidance for key aspects of installing and implementing the ADDRESS.  The videos do not provide comprehensive coverage of all the ADDRESS features and capabilities.  You are strongly encouraged to download the ADDRESS manual to learn about the robust features of the ADDRESS not covered in these tutorials.  The primary purpose of the tutorials is to provide instruction in the critical steps required to begin using the ADDRESS quickly and efficiently.

Playing the Videos

The tutorials are in windows media video format (.wmv) and typically will require a Windows Media Player--unless your computer is configured with a different media software that can play windows media video (.wmv) files.   In most cases, you do not need to be concerned with the configuration of your computer unless an error results when attempting to play the videos.

Each of the tutorial topic links will direct you to a separate web-page containing the relevant tutorial links.  As much as possible, the tutorials have been broken into a series of short video segments to accommodate different variations in internet connection speeds.  Fast (cable modem , DSL) connections can usually play the videos directly from the web page.  If you have a slow internet connection, it may be more convenient to download the tutorial files for later viewing.  Tutorial download times can be lengthy if you have a slow internet connection.  Instructions for playing the tutorials directly from the web-page and downloading the files for later viewing are presented on each tutorial topic page.

You may also choose to download the various tutorial files irrespective of your internet connection speed.   By downloading and saving the files to your computer, they are always quickly available to you for later review or training.


Initial ADDRESS Implementation

The following video tutorials will guide you through the steps needed for the initial  implementation of the ADDRESS.  If you are a current ADDRESS user and need to update to its most recent version, please see the videos labeled:  "ADDRESS Version Update."

NOTE: The installation steps covered in these tutorials do not include implementation of the ADDRESS on a local area network.  However, the installation steps presented in the tutorials do not prevent its migration to a network without the loss of previously-entered data.  For information on network implementation, see the document: Address Installation Guide.doc

Viewing the Videos
It is recommended that you view the videos in the sequence presented.

Initial Computer Setup  will guide you through preparing your computer for installing and running the  ADDRESS software.
Run Time - 2:36

ADDRESS Software Download will demonstrate the steps for downloading the ADDRESS software files.
Run Time - 5:18

ADDRESS Final Setup guides you through  the necessary steps to customize the ADDRESS for your school.
Run Time 5:54

ADDRESS Version Update

If you are currently using the ADDRESS, these tutorials will show you how to update your school to the most recent version so you can take advantage of ongoing ADDRESS enhancements.

 Viewing the Videos
It is recommended you view the videos in the sequence presented.

ADDRESS Update Parts 1 & 2  provides an overview of the update steps, and guides you through the preparations needed to update this software.
Runtime - 9:41

ADDRESS Update Parts 3 & 4  demonstrates how to download the update file, and how to complete the update process.
Run Time - 12:53

ADDRESS Referral Data Entry

Entering student discipline referrals is demonstrated in the following tutorials.  First, basic features of the referral entry screen are demonstrated.  You are then shown the steps for entering discipline referrals of students who have received a referral for the very first time and students who have previously received discipline referrals.

Viewing the Videos
It is recommended you view the videos in the sequence presented.

Referral Data Entry Screen Overview  provides a demonstration of the various data entry fields on the ADDRESS referral data entry screen.
Run Time - 7:41

New Student  demonstrates entry of demographic information when a student is entered in the ADDRESS for the first time.
Run Time - 3:36

Existing Student  demonstrates entering referral data for a student that has had previous referral data entered.
Run Time - 1:55

ADDRESS Data Retrieval and Analysis

The data retrieval and analysis tutorials will guide you through the fundamental skills needed to functionally utilize your ADDRESS referral data.

Viewing the Videos
It is recommended you view the videos in the sequence presented.

ADDRESS Data Retrieval and Analysis Overview  outlines the topics that are covered in the data retrieval and analysis tutorials.
Run Time - 2:03

Retrieving Individual Student Data demonstrates how to retrieve referral data on individual students.  This data then can be edited for corrections or printed to provide a detailed student discipline report.
Run TIme - 13:18

Retrieval and Analysis of School Wide Data - Part 1 gives an overview of the pre-designed ADDRESS data charts, and demonstrates how to customize these charts according to your school's needs.
Run TIme - 17:17

Retrieval and Analysis of School Wide Data - Part 2 is a continuation of the information in Part 1, and also includes instruction on printing ADDRESS data charts.
Run Time - 7:34 


Be sure to download and read the Critical Installation Info - Read First document  before beginning the update.

Initial ADDRESS Setup

Be sure to download and read the Critical Installation Info - Read First document  before beginning the Installation.

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